If you’ve made it this page that means you care about who will be capturing the images of what could possibly be the most special and memorable day of your life, and I appreciate that. I also care about my clients and want to know more about them; Their backstory, how they met, where they’re from, and what makes their love unique.

My name is Daniel Cánepa. I was born in Lima Peru, but I’ve lived most of my life is Orlando FL. I went to the Florida Institute of Recording Sound and Technology, where I received an degree in Audio Engineering. I also went to the University of Central Florida, where I studied Film with a minor in business. I dropped out of UCF on 2013 and bought a camera. That same year I shot my first wedding as a photographer, and on 2015 I filmed my first wedding. I’ve been working on wedding photography and videography ever since.   

Soon after working solo I realized that in order to create the weddings I had envisioned I would need a professional team I could trust. A team that has the same appreciation and genuine passion for this art. A team that truly cares and treats every client and their loved ones as if they were family. And this is precisely the characteristics that I’ve looked for in each member of my team, which I handpicked. 

I do not dispatch a random photographer or videographer like in most wedding production companies. Unless an emergency happens I will always be leading the team myself. I am primarily the lead cinematographer and I will personally introduce the lead photographer to each client, so we are not strangers on the wedding day and feel comfortable around each other.

The vision I have for my clients weddings is to bring to life the movie that they’ve been playing in their head since the moment they found each other and knew they were the one. I aim to match that same movie with an elegant and cinematic take. That same bold vision goes towards our photography.

I hope we can get to know each other and start drawing the blueprints to your dream wedding together.

Thank you,

Daniel Cánepa